Apple app Development: How to Start Writing iOS applications

In our development company, customers often ask us if it is possible to develop an iOS app without any coding experience. They don't know where to start, what languages ​​to learn, and which tools to use. We've decided to provide an easier way for everyone who enters the world of app creation and how to get started with iOS development.

Where to start?

Learning the development of iOS based on two main aspects: learn to encode and learn the development environment of Apple platform. If you're the absolute beginner in computer programming, you need to start learning the Swift or Objective-C programming language by creating iPhone and iPad applications. If you have any knowledge of programming languages, you should be familiar with the iOS development environment, tools, technologies, and the iOS Developer's Guide. As you know, Apple is known for its stern approval process, so it's best to know what it can and can not do before actually doing the development.

A few years ago, you could launch an app without much planning and direct access to the top of the mobile store, but the situation has changed dramatically. According to statistics, competition in the mobile industry is fierce, with only 1% of publishers earning 94% of profits in the Apple App Store. This means that before you begin, you should look at competitors, analyze the market, find the most effective and creative solutions that attract the attention of consumers.

Check Your Thoughts

It can be difficult to evaluate something that you do not experience much. For example, a person who has good ideas for wheelchair design is difficult to assess if this idea works. This is the question that they will have to find a solution. They will look for experienced people who create products with disabilities. Only experts in this area can evaluate this idea and can provide their own advice on how to improve it.

Learn the basics of Apple app development

To be honest, if you do not want to grow to the size of an encyclopedia, it's impossible to tell in a few words the entire process of development in an article, and we don't want that to happen. Instead, we present the fundamentals of iOS app design to help you understand the coding environment, set up Apple guides, and provide useful links to help you learn about other useful tools and iPhone development technologies.

iOS development tools

The main tool for app development for iOS and Mac is the integrated Xcode development environment. It can be downloaded for free from Apple's official website. Xcode is a set of standard development tools with a graphical interface that developers use to write applications. It has everything you need to create an app for any version of iOS with Apple's latest programming language, Swift. Xcode is only compatible with Macs running OS X, so you need to have a Mac before you start.

iOS app development tutorial

Although Apple is trying to promote Swift, of course you can still choose from many programming languages, including Objective-C. We've prepared a list of helpful tutorials, resources, videos, articles, and tutorials to help you choose a programming language and learn the basics of Apple app development:

Start developing iOS applications (Swift

First, the official Apple tutorial. This tutorial shows you how to create a simple app in Xcode that accompanies you in every step of configuring your environment, creating an app architecture, deploying various features, and uploading them to the App Store.

Apple Developer Video

Here you can watch a video showing the new Apple device and watch videos from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where you can learn many valuable things about iOS development. In addition to teaching you how to use the main iOS programming tools, this will give you insight into the different skills of the industry.

About Swift

Swift is Apple's latest programming language for writing applications for iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It should be a simpler and more intuitive version of Objective-C, so if you're a beginner, you can try Swift. As Objective-C, it's a classic language, so it's up to you to decide.

iOS 10 SDK

It offers developers a wealth of APIs to get access to messages, Siri, phone, map, touch ID and more. If you want to create rich, resource-efficient applications that use the full spectrum of iOS technology, you need to understand the capabilities of the API.

Ray Wenderlich's iPhone Tutorial

The Ray Wenderlich tutorial is a great source of information for anyone who wants to create a game. However, your tutorial is not limited to game development, so you can still find useful information on Objective-C, Swift, and other tools, even if your project is a productivity app.

Code School Evaluation iOS Development Tutorial

This guide is one of the free Code School courses and a great introduction to iOS programming.

Now that you've read these tutorials and guides, you'll know how to set up your basic set of iOS development tools and learn about content in the iOS environment.

Stanford University develops iOS 7 applications for iPhone and iPad courses

Fortunately, Stanford has launched a free course for iPhone and iPad applications. While mentioning iOS 7, you do not have to worry because later versions of Apple's mobile operating system inherit the most important features of its predecessors. However, you will have to know iOS 7 until Stanford decides to update it to keep up with schedules.

App Store Review Guide

As we all know, Apple has very strict review guidelines, many applications have not yet achieved. Apple Inc sets incredible high standards for the applications they publish on the App Store, which you can find here, and if you want your app to be widely used by users of Apple smartphones and tablets, you must insist. If you do not take the time to search the guide, you're likely to spend time and energy on an app that will never see the day.

Why the request was rejected

There is no doubt that the product you developed has a purpose - to send it to the App Store to download for millions of people, but until then, mobile developer experts will review it, review its content, design it (continue Read and you'll find out more about this topic) and resources. So, do not waste time - read Apple's review guide and read it carefully. Another useful article discusses the common reasons why applications are rejected - you can find it here. To conclude, the main reason is the error, broken links, incorrect information and ads. Another reason why applications can be rejected is clear or political content.

Many iOS APIs have their own review guidelines. So if you want to integrate your app with Siri or Touch ID, be sure to check your review guide.

Make sure that the program meets all the details described in the guide because Apple is actually paying attention to the lowest nuance. If they find something non-standard, they have a 100% risk and will not approve your app.

iOS design

Apple not only has a rigorous approval process, but also the design and interface guidelines for the visual elements set standard. Apple is very concerned about having a consistent iOS app, which does not necessarily mean good design, but encourages developers to use specific UI elements. If you do not understand, see the iOS Human Interface Guide. It will let you know the look and feel of the applications and icons they want.

iPhone Design Tips

If you do not have time to read all the large-scale guidance, you can look for the shorter version, a list of completed and unfinished UI projects. Apple will show you how to build a visually appealing product. The guidelines will give some tips on how to make your design beautiful. Do not forget to have the whole internet, there are many tutorials and design tools.

Create your own app

In short, all you need to know about iOS development is in Xcode. Once you understand iOS development environment, you can be sure that you're ready to develop your own product. Of course, you will face certain aspects and you will have to find the answer to the end, but the source we mentioned above will help you get started. Good luck, open the happy journey of software development.

Not Ready to Study iOS Development?

If you do not feel like you have time to learn about iOS app development, we can help - our mobile app design team has a wealth of experience in building state-of-the-art iPhone and iPad applications that combine all the latest technologies. Do not hesitate to contact us - we will help you to choose the most efficient digital solution to take your business to a new level.