Secure Application Development Cycle

Applications have become a new face of mobile and web software, and software development is now a major contributor to the company's competitive edge. In turn, the application development cycle is increasingly becoming the most vital process in any enterprise digitalisation.

Our company has elaborated a reliable app development process and we deliver top quality services for businesses large and small.

Stages of the App Development

Application development is like any software for mobile devices and the web, and its development cycle follows the same set of different steps:

  • Analysis and definition phase: The development cycle begins with the analysis and definition phases, which define the goals, objectives and requirements.
  • Development Phase: Engineering and coding occur during the development phase.
  • Test phase: The next test phase is then implemented in the test environment to test real availability.
  • Maintenance phase: Finally, push to the full version and the application enters the maintenance phase.
  • Integrating security into the app development cycle challenges

Mobile App Security Issues

Today, most organizations know that the application layer poses a major threat, but most organizations can not extend their security plans to adequately address this threat.

In addition, the speed and conflicting demands of application layer security have led many development organizations to take shortcuts - such as internal protection and development, while the vendor, or open source mobile app exposed.

Our Company Seamlessly Integrates Security into the Development Cycle

We provide a smarter and fundamentally different approach to integrating security with application development. We deliver unified, cloud-based platforms combined with various assessment techniques (including SAST, DAST, and software portfolio analysis) and automates all testing procedures. Tests can be routinely performed as standard steps in the building process and track problems using familiar tools and procedures. This prevents the development team from performing expensive rework when code defects are discovered before launch. Our solutions can also be easily extended to increase adoption throughout the development organization.

The scalable cloud-based platform can protect all enterprise applications - Web, mobile and third-party - throughout their lifecycle, from the code to the pre-launch and production testing.


In the initial phase of code development, in addition to best practices in security architecture design and threat modeling, code level experts also recommend analyzed by SAST. Troubleshooting issues during the development phase can increase the reliability of your application at a lower cost. Our solutions simplify this process because of integration of the cloud-based platform via agile API development process and (Jenkins, JIRA, Eclipse, etc.) and easily build support for the night cycle, 80% of which scanning is completed in four hours or less.

During the testing phase, we provides a proven repeatable process for rapid entry of development team and testing with existing processes and tools (including IDE, Eclipse, Visual Studio, etc.), build process (Jenkins, Ant, Maven, TFS Etc) and problem control systems (JIRA, Bugzilla, Archer, etc.).

Expert Approach and Time-Proven Application Development Cycle

Our team have specialists in all languages ​​widely used to develop web and mobile applications, and we provide detailed information at every stage of development cycle. Contact us to discuss your project and learn more about how we create outstanding products.