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Our company is a software development group based in Sydney. Our headquarters are located in many major cities around the world. We are recognized as one of the leading software development agencies with experience in business logo design, program building, software integration and solving of challenging tasks thanks to our attention to detail, incredible products and excellent customer service.

Professional Design

We can create brand simbols from the start, including corporate identity, website design, logos and POS materials, web and mobile apps and more. Our team cares about our customers. Our talented and passionate professionals promise that you will have a pleasant experience working with us and accepting top-notch products that fit your business perfectly. Our company has an excellent team of support specialists who are well trained in customer communications and are readily available to you by way of chat, email or telephone online.

Development is a complex process that requires a lot of experience, creativity and effort. In our agency you'll find great designers with a wide selection of fantastic projects.

  • We never use prefabricated solutions like clip art templates - we do it all from scratch and we put our hearts on all the products created by our development organization.
  • We view our customers as business partners and ensure an attractive, informative and mutually beneficial experience designed to add value to your business.

Common Design Misunderstandings

Nothing special in this situation. In most cases, customers do not have enough knowledge to describe what they want your brand to look like. A good designer should thoroughly discuss this design philosophy:

  • Gathering the ideas
  • Ask for preference
  • Clarify the identity and objectives of companies
  • Follow company guidelines

What if the designer offers a design you don’t like?

When you see the actual results of work done, ideas that look good at first may seem boring. Not surprisingly, you may be disappointed with the design provided but you should understand that there is always a risk when hiring a designer to create a company brand from scratch rather than buying a ready product. You should have a better view of the original concept, which may not be perfect, which is an important step towards an incredible final design version.

Review and Improvement

If you hire a professional team, it is almost impossible to hate the samples you delivered. First, you can choose your favorite elements - fonts, colors, graphics, layouts - and combine them into a new and improved brand. Even if you think the design is absolutely scary, you have the opportunity to explain the most unique things you find and help them avoid more mistakes and misunderstandings. The original concept that you did not like was half-cup - it just depended on how you looked at things.

Simplicity is very important

"These projects are very simple ... my kids can attract this better! I wasted lots of money." Another complaint often faced by designers is that customers think that custom designs are not creative and sophisticated. But think of internationally renowned brands - Nike, Apple, Facebook, IMM, Audi, McDonald's - each of them has a very simple logo. Easier and better - This is the rule to be followed by any professional signature designer.

Customer related

A simple design does not mean that the designer has not put any effort into designing it. There is an idea behind every sign. If you want to attract your customers, your brand should be based on a simple idea that all your customers can relate to. This does not mean that executives should not listen to customer requirements - the designer will polish their ideas and present them seamlessly and easily, consistent with their taste and commercial image.

Simple signs are always better

You should not be disappointed, and anyone can easily copy it if you can get some simple signs. Pay attention to diversity rather than lack of complexity. Experts strongly believe that a good business design is a remembered customer, not a very complex, intelligent or fancy design. Remember Nike - it's just a regular tic - but it perfectly reflects the brand identity and is universally recognized. One thought that came to mind is because no one has ever proposed such an excellent idea before.

The simpler, the better - this is the rule that any sign designer should follow.

How to draw an excellent logo?

First, think about the name of your company. Many popular brands are just their names - Apple, Puma, Shell, Hello Kitty, visual representation of Twitter. All of this is based on the identity of the object that identifies the brand. This approach has its own advantages and challenges. The chance is that it's easy to identify with the business and it looks smart. In addition, customers will have more opportunities to remember this. The main disadvantage of this strategy is that there may be some organizations whose names are similar to their name. How would you make your shell brand stand out?

A history of the logo

The second option is to find a recognizable image that is not directly related to the company name. Look at Mortal Kombat, Heineken, Starbucks, KFC, Bacardi, and other signs. These signs have an impressive image that does not reflect the company name as it stands. However, this approach is as efficient as the previous one and is used by many internationally recognized companies. Behind many of them, there is a story, or meaning, which is much less obvious, which adds another dimension to the logo that makes it more interesting and attractive - why is there a green lady with a right coffee crown?

Text-based logo

Another method of creating obvious signal is based on the logo text. There are many examples: Samsung, Amazon, Metro, Coca-Cola, eBay and so on. These signs are undoubtedly excellent. However, keep in mind that text-based logos are very difficult to create. As you can see, most of these logo companies have a relatively short name, which is an important nuance that you should be aware of to avoid heavy and carefully crafted designs. Another challenge is to create a single source that looks good. In general, it is difficult to make text-based projects memorable. Often, this logo is no more than a regular font on a basic background. Of course, the main factor to consider is if the name of your company is appropriate as a sign.

Freestyle Sign

The final choice is a free style sign that can contain any of the styles mentioned above. Look at Pepsi, Coca-cola, Fanta, Adidas, Nike, and so on. These signs are abstract images that do not involve the company name or any specific object. It is based on an abstract image that represents the feeling with which the brand wishes to communicate. For example, the Nike logo is a scale that represents speed and fashion. Fanta uses orange that combines with soda and uses modern and modern fountains to have fun and have fun. This designer style without any restrictions. Corporate logo designers are not limited to any object, letter or word. At the same time, it may not be the simplest form of identification for clients, since the choice of different abstract concepts can be difficult.

Logo based on letters

The most commonly used form of company logo design can be one or several letters of the brand name. Like McDonald's, Facebook, LG, Hewlett-Packard, the public and so on. This is the most flexible way to develop business logos. It has the following advantages: you do not need to think about any single image, and it's easy to apply different styles and interpretations. The main purpose here is to find the appropriate style for the brand.


A logo that looks like a clip is not a good sign. Cliparts are pre-made images that anyone can use to illustrate multiple media. "But how is the logo different?" You can ask. Unlike pre-made clipart, a professional logo is created for a business. The most shameful comment the designer can hear is "Your design looks like a clip art." But what if the client requests it as a clip? The end product fully meets customer requirements, but the result is still not satisfied.

Customize logos and clipart

To avoid these problems, keep in mind that any image that has nothing in common with its unique commercial function automatically assumes the characteristics of a clip or, in other words, any organization in your industry. We always recommend our customers to consider how to use their trademark for commercial activities before ordering. Who knows, maybe clip art is what you really need.

Choose the right designer

Before communicating your thoughts to the logos designer, consider all these different options. There is no ultimate style for any business - you have to find a unique identity that will make you stand out from the crowd.

But even if your design philosophy is not good, professionals can work with you to find the most appropriate way to represent your business. This is why the most important part of your logo design is to choose the right business logo design with a wide range of experience and experience.


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