Software Solutions that Evolve with Your Company

We do more than write code, we build tailor-made software solutions which become a part of your business pushing you forward and helping you to grow. Here you can find a few examples of our recent development cases that helped our customers to succeed and achieve the desired goals.


One of our web projects was oriented on professional networking and job hunting activity. Web developers were asked to build a website with social network functionality and major focus on job search providing users with the opportunity to interact with professionals and specialists in the required sphere. Social networking functionality streamlines the search of the required employee with seamless communication and detailed users’ accounts. Companies’ representatives also can create a company account and post relevant information such as job offers, corporate news and so on.


A web project that implied data visualisation and statistic collection functionality were one of our projects for a broadcasting company. The solution implied analytics features which could help to see TV audience reach and TV programs popularity. Our team utilised D3.js data visualisation library, SVG, and CSS to bring data to life. The delivered results enable our customers to analyse audience data in an effective and easy way with the help of interactive graphs and charts. The program facilitates the analytical work of the broadcasting company.

Process Analysis

The application was developed with the consideration that it should perform sophisticated operations related to the collection of the process data at local sites and further progress of the data into a multitenanted cloud datastore. The program enables users to access the information from various APIs, spreadsheets and charting tools. All in all, the system collects process data and represents it in dynamic charts. Besides, customers can approve third parties to access their data and conduct analytics.

Retail Platform

One of our works was dedicated to the reimagination of a retail experience which connects several Australia’s retailers. Our customer, one of the leading retail platforms wanted to improve the user experience with a modern design practices and brought in user-friendliness. We were asked to design a higher level of interaction between buyers and sellers. Our design team took care of the layout intuitivity enabling users easily navigate in the mobile catalogue and securely make purchases.

Steel Tracker

The customer approached us to build a workplace safety application for an international steel production company. The program is supposed to improve health and safety practices for the employees and the public. It provides efficient documentation methods ensuring critical transparency and point of reference for stakeholders. The app was designed for Android platform enabling drivers to document the transportation of steel with a photo-taking and geolocation features as well as cloud-based storage.

Healthy Food

A health app was developed by our team in collaboration with the research organisation whose activity is aimed at people’s health improvement. The application provides users with scientifically based nutritional information which lets users make a choice between habitual food and healthier options. The program hosts an online database of packaged food so that when consumers scan products with the mobile application, the information about these products became immediately available.